Facing the challenge of finding something new, more exciting and appealing for a fundraiser is one that is not only stressful but limited in options. Whether it be for a church, charity, school or private entity, the standard in what's available has remained as unchanged as the goal  to obtain funds needed for the cause. 

UNTIL NOW. When adding our "FUN RACERS" to your "FUNDRAISERS", you now have a game changer, a curiosity factor. By providing something as unheard of in the senior industry as it would be to the public who is just as unfamiliar, get ready for the exact same result. A packed house. Male or female, 18 or 80 results don't ever change. Full of intensity and for sure full of unexpected "genuine fun", none will have a clue of what they'll get from a race nor will they care how much they've spent. Why? Because it's not about the money nor has it ever been. It's all about the socializing they don't realize they're doing and that's why it works and has for almost two decades. 

Need baseball uniforms? Done. Funds for your church or charity? We got that too. Needed from you is determining what you hope to financially raise and how many you plan on having in attendance. Once that's established, we have SIX horses that EACH have an amount YOU chose for EACH player to bet on. Adds up pretty quick. The more players..........the more raised. 


What could be more important than the people that represent you? Those that help make your company more successful than the day before? When's the last time you really let them know how much you appreciated them............. besides a high five? Think about it for a minute. By honoring them, acknowledging them with an event FOR them that is specifically created to focus more on socializing than on a wager, how much more productive do you think they might become? It's called TEAM BUILDING. And when you recognize them with an event that gives them an opportunity to socialize with strangers from another department, unknowingly a bond is created. And when a bond is created, the connection is made departmentally. And when that happens, you have happy staff who work together within your business structure. Just food for thought........that works.  


No different. Thinking about bringing a bunch of strangers together? AWKWARD!  We can take care of that too. Helping to get your socializing off to a good start is our signature and what's funny about it is THEY HAVE NO IDEA THAT BY THE END OF THE NIGHT, THEY'VE BECOME THE BEST OF FRIENDS! IT'S   WHAT   WE   DO!  And how we're structured. Just happens to be hidden behind horses and a race track. By the end of the races, you have a group that are no longer strangers, but socializing in a relaxed atmosphere with their new friends and ready to get their party on! Thanks to YOU!  Wonder how long they'll remember THAT  night! Just sayin'............


Huge potential here. After recently reading an article in the Dallas News stating 50,000 plus apartments were scheduled to open in 2017, not counting the 16,700 PLUS already established according to How does one even come close to full occupancy? We have the answer! BY YOUR RESIDENTS! THEY ARE YOUR MARKETERS! It starts with the first of three shows, all one week apart. First show, original residents. At the close, the original residents will naturally want to tell their neighbor and are encouraged to do so, who then attend the second show the following week. (You don't want too much time to pass). That second show will now have double the occupancy.........all which are your residents. At the end of that performance, all your residents are encouraged to bring TWO  guests who DON'T live within the community (for a prize you provide as incentive), telling them it's in an attempt to make the purse the largest ever. The final and third week, you now have standing room only with a lot of potentially new residents to market to. The normal five races are performed, then a short 15 minute intermission is taken which will allow the Leasing Agent "to do your thing (marketing)" and then we close with the final last two races making the 3rd show a seven race performance...... all with huge wins and lots of new prospects! All thanks to your original residents!  A WIN-WIN ALL THE WAY AROUND.